Truancy Judge Sentences Kids to Doing Jigsaw Puzzles with Parents

A Texas judge is taking a new approach to punishing kids who do not attend school regularly. Judge John Sholden is sentencing kids to a fine, and to complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle with their parents. The reason for the jigsaw puzzle punishment, to force kids and parents to spend some quite time together where they work together and most importantly spend time talking. The hope is that this forced time together will force the kids to discuss issues and problems with their parents in a relaxed and positive setting.

“The rules are a parent can’t put in a puzzle piece without the child being present, and the child can’t put in a piece without the parent being present,” said Sholden.

As a tribute to the success and commitment to the program the judge has dozens of the completed jigsaw puzzles put together under this project lining his office walls. A tribute to this unique but promising and well intentioned program.


April 12, 2009. jigsaw puzzle.

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