Jigsaw Puzzles Help Settle The Mind

While not medicaly documented, Jigsaw puzzles are commonly used by institutions and individuals to help find a balance in their mind and bring a sense of control to a brain that may be overworked or damaged.

Many mental health institutions have been using them for decades as a means to help patients improve their mental fitness and promote concentration. Individuals have successfully used them as distraction and relaxing method to forget, at least temporarily, about the life problems surrounding them. Some hospitals have even found them successful at providing temporary pain relief.

The mind is an amazing thing and jigsaw puzzles seem to provide the temporary relief to many of  life’s problems. The young and the old can also benefit from the improvement in mental prowess that most believe come from Jigsaw Puzzles.


October 11, 2009. jigsaw puzzle.

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  1. Luci Wilder replied:

    I’d never thought about this, but I think too that focusing on a jigsaw puzzle can settle one’s mind. That would be because the mind was focused on putting together he puzzle, rather than solving some life crisis. Also, I think that putting a puzzle together (whether word, or psychical) exercises the mind! It’s my love of jigsaw puzzles which let me to turning old/vintage/antique ones into earrings. It’s absolutely the perfect opportunity to turn something broken (a puzzle with a missing piece) into something new and innovative… jewelry. What do you think of my use of jigsaw puzzles (http://WilderBaubles.etsy.com).

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