Mills River Presbyterian Church Completes Largest Commercially Available Jigsaw Puzzle

The members of Mills River Presbyterian Church have spent the last two weeks completing the worlds largest commercially available jigsaw puzzle. 100 plus members of the church have all pitched in to complete the 24,000 piece puzzle called “Life: The Great Challenge” made by Educa. The puzzle measures 14.5 feet long by 5 feet tall and retails for about $300 dollars. The puzzle features beautiful underwater scenery as well as above water with boats and balloons and stars in the air.

Educa World's LArgest Jigsaw Puzzle Picture

Educa World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

The parishioners started on January 9th 2010 and originaly planned to work on it 24/7 until complete but that plan proved difficult so they ditched the all day events and worked on it daily on a open schedule. Work continued for weeks until the final puzzle pieces were put into place early this past Thursday evening. A great accomplishment and a true community coming together example.

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